Good Friday – 102 km

A few of our friends were keen to head into the hills this morning so it was an early start at 5:30 AM.

Mt Samson Road to Dayboro

Suz, Mark, Petrina, Daniel, Donna (from left)
Photo taken by Alberto

Destination Mt Mee, my favourite climb to Oceanview about 7 km of 4.9% average gradient. The bottom of the climb is just a few kilometers outside Dayboro, a very picturesque little village, and to get to Dayboro you have to cross Samford Range, which is a nice little 2 km climb and then travel along Mt Samson Road, that’s about 30 km of rolling hills. I joined Alberto on the front of our ten (wo)man group and we set the pace. On Wednesday I was meant to do a steady solid effort in E2 and that’s what this was as I was comfortably sitting on 148 bpm spinning and chatting away next to this wonderful man of mine (he did actually smile now and than!).

So there was my first training session done. After a quick toilet stop (every 300 grams less up the mountain count!) we hit the climb and I really loved it. I felt strong and found my rhythm and Mark kept me company all the way, while Mick, Daniel and Shane hit the climb hard and were out of sight up the road. Donna, Petrina, Suz and Alberto followed a little bit behind. I think they were just taking it easy because it was such a beautiful morning with great views.

Back in Dayboro and since all the coffee shops were closed because of Good Friday we kept going back the way we came. Donna and David had invited everybody over for breakfast in their house and we didn’t need be asked twice. I had 5 x 5 km Time Trials on my plan so I went to the front and started the pace making. 4 km into the time trial I was fading, my hamstring started niggling again so I decided one was good enough. Everybody was keen for coffee and pancakes so the pace making was shared amongst all and it was almost like motor pacing all the way back to Samford. Sitting on Alberto’s wheel usually is.

Re-grouping in Samford for the last little climb back across Samford range and I felt absolutely great. I joined Shane, Mark and Daniel and managed to stay with them all the way. Maybe the two days off the bike weren’t too wrong after all?

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2 Responses to Good Friday – 102 km

  1. Sev says:

    I am very envious. It looked like such a great day for cycling. Sigh.

  2. Chris says:

    Sounds like a great ride. 5 x 5k TTs are a tall order. Too bad about the coffee shops being closed.

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