Old training ground re-visited – Cairns

I wanted to share some photos from our recovery ride on Tuesday morning in Cairns:

Barron Gorge – one of my favourite training rides when we used to live up in Cairns. Very scenic.

Surprise Creek Falls – great memories as there is a walking track leading all the way to waterholes on the top. The walking track is unfortunately closed nowadays.

Lake Morris Road up to Copperlode Dam – a nine kilometre climb through dense rainforest. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time nor legs to go all the way. We stopped at the first look out. But I was glad we came. The views over Cairns are spectacular.

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10 Responses to Old training ground re-visited – Cairns

  1. Whitey says:

    Those are some beautiful shots! No wonder you liked training there.Great shot of you and Alberto with that waterfall in the background!

  2. Travis says:

    Nothing kick starts recovery like a great massage.

  3. CyclistRick says:

    Nice scenery! I’d love to ride there sometime.And it is nice to just sleep in on occasion. Ahhhhh, I can feel the need to do that soon.

  4. Theresa says:

    Can you believe I’ve never been to Cairns? Great job placing 12th overall! I’m seriously impressed! Have fun getting back to normal training tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello !Wunderschöne Foto´s from Cairns !Da kommen die Erinnerungen aber schnell wieder !Die Mutti hat eine Anwendung und ich schaue gerade in der Blog und mein Herz ist erfreud !Von zu Hause kommen dann die genauen Berichte ! Am Dienstag Nachmittag sind wir Heim und werden uns am Mittwoch Abend bei Dir melden !Ganz liebe Grüsse für Euch beide !Eure Fan´s

  6. Groover says:

    Whitey – yes, I wished we would have had more time to visit also Crystal Cascades and Kuranda and ride the Gillies Ranges as well as some of the old MTB tracks … so many fond memories.Travis – couldn’t agree more. However I read somewhere that there should be at least 48 hours between the last hard race and the massage as not to damage any muscle fibres, especially when it is a deep tissue massage.Cyclistrick – I did the “getting up” – “deciding to go back to bed” – “getting up again” routine at 4:30 AM today. It was tough. And I highly recommend Cairns as a cycling destination. It’s certainly more famous for diving but it has very scenic roads and tracks.Theresa – Thanks. Make the trip up the road if you can. It’s certainly worth it. And if you have the time go even further, up to Cape Tribulation. It a beautiful place.Hallo Vati – ja, bei uns kamen auch viele schoene Erinnerungen auf und es war auch schoen Tracey, Bob, Kevin und Dee, Tim und Ela wiederzusehen. Ich soll schoene Gruesse ausrichten.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful picture tour. Please keep it up when you have time, I love seeing other parts of the world.To answer a few of your questions;a)I do speak a little German, I was a flight attendant for years and years,b)my cat’s name is Lily (hence Lily on the Road), my name is Laurelc)I’m really looking forward to finishing the marathon in a not too embarrassing time and then starting to train for a mini triathlon!!!again, thanks for the great pic’s!! Talk with you soon,

  8. Travis says:

    I agree with the 48 hour window both before and after the hard work/training/race. And on the Nuun.I first saw it in Oz last year to tell you the truth. I looked up real fast and saw 4-5 places in Brisbane that sell it. You can look here and find the closest one. Just search under “Retailer.” http://www.incline.com.auIf you have any questions just let me know.

  9. Donald says:

    Beautiful scenery and great ride. Congrats on the good finish! I need to convince my wife that I should be getting more massages after training.

  10. Groover says:

    Laurel – thanks for visiting again and I’m glad you liked my photos. Cairns is indeed a beautiful place. And I haven’t even shown the reef and rainforest and islands … Good luck with your marathon. I’m sure your finishing time will be very presentable.Travis – agree. I had deep massages before and then wondered the next day why my legs were absolute cactus … Same happened to Shane yesterday morning. We were rolling around and he mentioned that his legs were unusually heavy still from the race after 2 days off the bike. Then he mentioned that he had a massage the night before – deep? – yes? – there he had his answer!Thanks for the link – I know one of the shops (Lifecycle) and will stop there today on my way home. Heading to town for coffees anyway :-)Donald – Thanks. Massages are not cheap but definitely worth the $$$. And it’s also a little reward for all the hard work you put in. I have a massage pretty much every week during high volume training weeks and leading up to important races.

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