Roads so steep …

Strange thoughts go through my mind in the eerie darkness of an economy class cabin, five hours into a thirteen hour flight. Things like the wonders of time difference! Here I was, flying through tomorrow’s night to arrive and relive the morning of the very same day on arrival, only in another place on another continent. And then I realised that the night isn’t tomorrow’s night, nor last night nor tonight – it’s always the same night, following the same day circling the same earth. Funny, I never saw it that way.

Too deep?

Ok, I flew BNE to LAX and spent a few days in San Francisco, a night in Las Vegas and another in Los Angeles. Mostly work, a little play, too. I hope this explains the long absence.

I had the great opportunity to go on a day trip with bikesgonewild and I cannot praise enough the generosity with which he shared his time, fuel, knowledge and passion for bikes in a city full of bicycles, riders, bike shops and good coffee. Shame it had to be fossil and not muscle energy we burnt and I suffered bouts of jealousy watching all the thousands of people out on bikes, followed by bouts of ecstasy visiting bike shops in Sausalito. Well, all I can say is “Thank you” and “I will be back – with bike”.

And while I’m sitting here now, back home in Oz, enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay from the Napa Valley and photoshopping all the memories, I realise how long it has been since riding my bike (not counting stationary monsters in hotel gyms).

There is only one thing that leaves me puzzled about San Francisco: Why on earth would anyone want to ride a Fixie where the roads are so steep that taxi drivers entertain their young passengers by telling them to lean forward so the car won’t flip over backwards?

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10 Responses to Roads so steep …

  1. Richard says:

    I can't help but wonder why people would want to ride a fixie off road. 🙂

  2. So glad you had such a GREAT vacation and to ride with BGW! Thanks for sharing your photo's, it was like a mini holiday looking at them.Now you know what I felt like when I worked for the airlines, I never knew what time it was or where I going, I just knew I was headed somewhere….

  3. Will says:

    Napa, San Fran, (Yosemite, and Tahoe) = my honeymoon. My sense is that San Fran has a very active cycling community.

  4. …who's that good looking couple with the awesome san francisco panorama in the background ???…hey, that's groover & bikesgonewild……sandra, it was a wonderful pleasure to share the many sights we got to explore together…it really was but a glimpse of the bay area & yes, a few bicycle ventures need be included next time……tiburon drive, winding through the trees by the water, that mountain loop i've mentioned (where it had snowed the day before !!!)……& i hate to sound 'cliche-ish' but as exciting as it was to meet you, i not only felt comfortable with you, it was as if we'd hung out together in the past……very real, very nice…thanks for sharing…

  5. Groover says:

    Richard – I could see an advantage. Simplicity = less maintenance and fewer things that can go wrong!Laurel – I wish it had been a holiday and I wish I had ridden with bgw but apart from that … I had a ball! 😉 And regarding the flight: there were six babies in the row in front of me and only AMR's noise-cancelling headphones saved my sanity! ;)Will – Great choice of location for a honeymoon. BGW – This is what tends to happen when two people, who are both not complete morons, share a common interest! 😉

  6. …what's interesting is how well balanced our portrait foto is……as i recall, we were talking & looking at the view, wherein you kinda grabbed me, spun me around, leaned in & shot that all in an instant……looks like we positioned ourselves carefully & posed but not so……pretty cool…

  7. Groover says:

    BGW – Years of point and shoot experience from the back of my bike! 😉

  8. I kind of get the feeling that you've been on a "exploring cycling culture in Amercia" adventure rather than on a business trip 😉 Nice, that you had such a good time (and packed the right clothing)!

  9. Stuart says:

    Woah another west coast whistle stop tour and fun times!

  10. Groover says:

    Anke – Well, I wish it was the case but I just made the most of one Sunday! 🙂 The winter jacket was actually a loan because all my warm clothes are in Germany. Speaking of which, how are you enjoying your time over there? We should catch up when you guys are back.Stuart – You live in that part of the world, too. LA right?

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