Bergs and cakes

Don’t be fooled by my hometown’s name Senftenberg. No bergs anywhere near.

Dad announced over breakfast that he had a surprise for me and after lunch we packed the bike and Mum and headed for Kamenz, a town about 40 km from Senftenberg.

We stopped at a big and very well equipped bike shop and I thought that this was my surprise. Nice chat about the local club, the local bunch rides (shame it’s too far from home to join them), the Lausitz Cup and other road races throughout the year and I was able to drool over all the winter gear from Assos and Gore and some other brands that I only admired and read about in magazines so far.

After coffee and … ahem … two pieces of cake: Black and red currant with cocos crumbles and plum with huge butter crumbles, I quickly got changed into bike gear for my 40 km ride home (which surely did not burn the bergs of cakes I ate but I swear I haven’t gained any weight, yet).

But wait! My surprise first: the Hutberg! In contrast with Senftenberg, the Hutberg in Kamenz is indeed a berg, not a huge one but a steep one. 23 % gradient at the steepest section, a gradient that I wasn’t too proud to walk during our Phuket holiday last year. Guess what? 23% are a piece of cake (another one!?) with a compact groupset and an 11 – 28 cassette!

The ride home was flat like a pancake but I rode tempo all the way and arrived in Senftenberg just in time to enjoy a marvellous sunset. And Dad was happy and proud that I liked his berg surprise.

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11 Responses to Bergs and cakes

  1. AMR says:

    This is it… I am packing!!

  2. Richard says:

    Sandra, Looking great with the new bike. Don't get me going with cake it's close to nirvana… hold on it is NIRVANA!

  3. kate says:

    *tuts* no cake photo!?!

  4. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time!

  5. How very nice of your Dad to surprise you with a berg. @Kate, you're right: where are the cake pictures ;-)?!

  6. Lisa says:

    I guess it must be a little frustrating to go off in search of hills to test the new bike. Although personally, i can't imagine WANTING to ride hills. hehehehe

  7. …do you have a cake/berg 0% calculator to balance things out ???…

  8. Sprocketboy says:

    New bike looks great and will make you ride like Philippe Gilbert! If you are still in Germany (and not visiting me!! Shame!), you should make a little excursion to Wünsdorf, near Zossen, and check out the racing bicycle museum!

  9. Stuart says:

    Maybe the Berg refers to Battenberg?Love the big grin of a happy cyclist!

  10. Groover says:

    AMR – Glad you packed the bike, too!Richard – Cake berg nirvana! 'big grin'Kate – Apologies! Will add cakeberg photo in one of next posts!Once Known as The Badger – I make the most of the bergs and try to resist the cakes (somewhat)…Nils and Anke – Yeah, I'm cheap like that. LOL Cake photos will follow. Promised!Lisa – I'm sure the time will come and I wish I hadn't wished for hills. ;)bikesgonewild – That's called scales and I'm not brave enough to use one right now. My jeans tell me all I need to know about my berg-cake-ratio! ;)Sprocketboy – I'm still in Germany for another week and thanks for the tip. Zossen is not far at all. Are you in the Berlin or Düsseldorf area at the moment?Stuart – What's Battenberg?

  11. …jeans = scales…good point……enjoy both bergs n' cakes…

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