Mt Nebo and bigger challenges

Vous êtes inscrit(e) à l’Etape du Tour qui aura lieu le dimanche 8 juillet 2012 entre Albertville et La Toussuire / Les Sybelles.

I keep reading this sentence over and over again, enjoying the sound of the French words and even more the meaning of it, expecting to wake up any moment and realising that it was just a dream…

After yesterday’s ride I know that it will be a challenge. Alberto and I joined the QSM riders up Mt Nebo. Or was it me trying to get a head start and then being collected one by one as expected?

It was muggy. Little sweat pearls formed on my arms, mixed with the sun screen into a white gooey mess, ran down my face, stung in my eyes and then dripped off my nose just to burst on my freshly cleaned top tube. I hadn’t even reached McAfees. The muesli sat heavily in my stomach. More familiar riders came pass and I grabbed their wheels as they said “Hello”, but never for long, never for good.

Still, my time to McAfees was my second fastest for the year, only slightly slower than last Tuesday’s best and I rode the heavier Powertap wheels. Alberto waited for me at McAfees and kept me company from there onwards, all the way to Mt Nebo village where the bunch waited for us in the shades of big poinciana trees.

The views with early morning low clouds were magnificent. After descending Mt Nebo; Alberto, Jack and I went straight into the city for coffee while the rest of the bunch added another few kilometers by going via Gap Creek Road. Knowing Gap Creek Road with its two 16% gradient climbs, I feared I’d be toast for the rest of the day if I’d joined them, and I also felt uncomfortable at the thought of making them wait for me yet another time.

But even without the added kilometers and only 75.9 km and 1180 m of climbing in my legs I felt like a vegetable for the rest of the day. We got home and all I wanted was a cool(ish) shower, clean clothes, a big protein shake and a couch to lay on for the rest of the day. My work clothes didn’t get ironed, the big basket of clothes stayed unfolded and my car dirty and doing the dishes was a struggle. Sweet life of a cyclist!

Now I just have to complete the medical certificate confirming that I’m fit for “cycling competition”, double the distance, quadruple the climbing and look forward to July 8, 2012. I guess I have some training to do between now and then but what a dream to maybe come true! It’s possible.

The End

On a sad but unrelated note: I read yesterday that Fixie Inc will discontinue their business activities in 2012. Eventually, so they announced on their blog, it was not possible for them to increase their production quantities to a critical mass, which justified their operating expenses and their personal efforts. I always loved their boutique bikes and especially that Peacemaker of mine. Earlier this year I eyed a Chiprace Titanium bike, which I will now never own. I wish Recep and Holger all the best and hope they will build bikes again sometime in the future.

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4 Responses to Mt Nebo and bigger challenges

  1. AMR says:

    Lovely Sunday ride.L'Etape will be fantastic!!!!!

  2. So decision made for next year?!

  3. Will says:

    Very exciting! I put some links as a response to your question on my blog about the l'Etape describing each of the climbs. It's a truly fantastic and VERY challenging route. You will love it. Best Will

  4. Groover says:

    AMR – Thanks for the shout-out on your blog! When are you going to announce your big ride? :-)Nils and Anke – Not yet but I had to get in to keep option open before all spots are taken. Getting closer though!Will – Thanks for the links and also the email. I may have to annoy you with more questions in the next few months.

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