Discover new routes

All too often I take the same old familiar routes to get from one side of town to the other, without realising that there may be far better, faster, more convenient, or simply more enjoyable ways.

Coming back from McAfees earlier this week, John asked me if I minded checking out this bike path from the Gap into town. Colleagues of his had told him about it. We weren’t quite sure where it started, lead, nor ended, but with a general idea and some initial confusion, green oasis and quiet serenity, an empty bike path opened up to us just meters from raging, crammed and frantic Waterworks Rd. Here, cars are never satisfied with just four lanes. There, we had the entire path to ourselves, and our idle chatter. I felt like catapulted into another world, a way I didn’t know existed.

The path meandered along a creek, then temporarily popped out on a sleepy backstreet lined with wooden Queenslander houses, the wrap-around verandas shading doors left open to catch the gentle breeze. And it disappeared again minutes later into manicured open parkland. Pass sporting ovals and deserted school grounds we went and all the time I could sense close-by roads and the hustle and bustle of the city but it was an invisible world out there from inside the bike path bubble.

Occasionally John would call out markers, which, from the backside of the city made no sense to my shop-front brain. Trying to make connections, some directional or locational sense, I was hopelessly-happily lost in my cycling adventure.

Suddenly, a moist shadowy underpass, creek and thick undergrowth, the place a fascinating little pocket of rainforest, and a road up above us, glimpses of red, a buildings half familiar, fully familiar – 99 Bikes. We took the exit and I couldn’t believe that we were right back in the thick of six lane traffic on corner Ashgrove Avenue and Enoggera Rd, almost home.

We may not always have the luxury of discovering far-away countries or going on cycling holidays in exotic locations but that afternoon had a distinct feel of all of this, right here in Brisbane, ten minutes from home. Getting lost while exploring is the best part of an adventure, so next time you have half an hour up your sleeve, take a different turn.

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7 Responses to Discover new routes

  1. Mike J says:

    I tend to be a creature of habit too when it comes to routes but it's awesome to find a new route to add to your old habits.

  2. Beautiful, now that looks like a bike path I'd enjoy! Thanks so much for sharing…

  3. Wow, that is amazing. How great is that to hide in a city full of people just by passing them through such a lovely landscape?! Great adventure that was!

  4. …nice…the path less traveled

  5. WheelDancer says:

    Excellent! I ride such a route to and from work every day straight into downtown Minneapolis.

  6. Miff says:

    Very cool, I love that wooden bridge photo….and I love the thought of losing direction but finding direction all in the one, on these secret paths. Nice. Miff

  7. Groover says:

    Mike J – Until the new route becomes the old route… it's so good to keep it fresh if you can! Lily on the Road – This bike path would be just after your taste I tell you. I wish I could ride it with you instead of just showing you pretty pictures. :-)Nils and Anke – We explored even more of that path today and followed it all the way to the "other end". bgw – Obviously it was only a secret to me because it was very popular with the locals at 7 am this mornings, esp. with the dog-walking kind… :-)WD – How long's that path? I just love when you have the chance to avoid peak hour traffic and sneak through the back way. Miff – You and Jaman have to explore it. I encourage you to get lost. LOL

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