The ultimate cycling holiday

Now that the bomb shell dropped at work and the cat’s out of the sack, I finally feel free to write about our 2012 plans and goals here. It has been burning under my nails to tell but I’ve been too busy and excited to find some quiet moments and gather my thoughts for a blog post.

Had I thought about it more carefully, I could have anticipated colleague’s and friend’s wide range of responses from Good on ya to I hate you. One of our friends openly admitted I’m not sure whether I’m in awe or jealous.

We all have dreams and sometimes we are presented with opportunities to fulfill them. And sometimes we have to take the plunge and make them happen. Some dreams will remain just that forever – dreams!

Some dreams are so outrageously big that it takes a bit of guts and a healthy portion of adventure spirit to decide Hell, we only live once! and Home ownership is overrated let’s just blow our house deposit and make dreams come true.

Ever dreamt of flying to Europe to see the Tour de France live? What about the Giro? The Vuelta? Or are you like me a big fan of the spring classics? Which event should we choose? When should we go?

Why choose either-or? Why see only one?

We are going to Europe with our bikes and see it all, the cobbles, the mountains, the races. Heading off at the end of February, we will be spending April in Flanders, May in Italy, June in Spain and Portugal, July in France… an entire race season in Europe, the ultimate cycling holiday! We will be back in Australia in October.

You think I’m kidding? Stay tuned to our blogs, and don’t hold back in the comments because… I think we’ve already heard it all!

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12 Responses to The ultimate cycling holiday

  1. kate says:

    AWESOME!!! the only shame is you're not able to get over here but i'll forgive you 😉 what a fantastic opportunity, a great way to travel and experience the cafes and coffee of europe, oh and the hills. jealous.

  2. Richard says:

    Right on!A gutsy move, and I'm sure it will be all worth it. This is exciting, will you be updating as you go? I hope so. Of course, I'll be following your adventure… Paris-Roubaix? I hope it's a muddy one!

  3. Chris says:

    That sounds so great. I followed the Tour a little bit last summer on my folding bike (mind you, I did skip the mountain stages!). Hope you have a great time – I can only imagine how awesome it will be!!

  4. HOLY FRIGG'N HELL!!! HOW EXCITING is this and YES, I AM YELLING!!Wooza! So, does this mean you've quit work, sold / rented the house??? Are you taking a sabbatical?? I want details girl…details!I'm so very excited for you…WOW!!

  5. …HOLY SHIT !!!…hey, if it's not too much of an overload all at once, good for you two……hard to imagine, yes…jealous, no…envious, absofuckinglutely……it's several cycling dreams of a lifetime, all rolled into one……i'll save best wishes until further posts as the details build & the date gets closer…

  6. Dee says:

    cool! looking forward to a season of great posts!

  7. Groover says:

    Kate – Well, we haven't really decided just yet what we'll do in August… ;)Richard – Yes, I will keep this blog going so stay tuned for many stories of our European adventure. :)Chris – Thanks for visiting and following the Tour on a folding bike deserves respect, even though you skipped the high mountains.Laurel – Ouch, my ear drums… LOL Yes, all of the above and there is lots to do between now and 29th Feb. Is it too early start panicking?bgw – My thoughts exactly… stay tuned but I won't bore you with details of packing the house up. It's the tedious part but…oh… so worth it. Dee – I'll try not to disappoint! ;)ToB – 🙂

  8. Paul Tri Boy says:

    Way cool. Have lots of fun.Me – Would like to go see KONA one day. Not just the place but the race. Dont think I will be ever fast enough to compete 😦

  9. Groover says:

    Paul Tri Boy – Never be afraid of dreaming big. 🙂

  10. Miff says:

    Best EVER paint/country/arrow map ;;) Not much to say to you pair, we both said it before over dinner at THAT place, you know, well, when, but well, AWESOME. Still think its AWEsome. Seriously.Very.COOL. Love US

  11. Contrary to general opinion, the cycling in Australia is great, with superb routes, dramatic scenery and well sign posted and mapped routes. There are plenty of interconnected long distance routes, to take you everywhere.

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