Most incredible roads in the world

Days are flying pass. In less than four weeks we will be on the plane to Germany. Before then, the house will have to be packed, everything will have to be put in storage, the car sold, and amongst all that I’m still trying to get some rides in. Must make the most of beautiful summer weather while we still can! Apparently it’s minus 14C in Germany right now so I’m not anticipating most enjoyable riding weather for us in March. Alberto is excited and we are both stocking up on warm winter gear and are looking forward to the experience.

The reward for all this hard work are the roads, the roads we are going to ride. Cycling friends told me they have that same hankering. For some of my friends it’s the single tracks, but regardless whether it’s dirt or asphalt we are craving, we all dream of exploring new ones in foreign places; beautiful, different, spectacular, high up or across seas.

Sometimes, images of roads I rode in the past flash up on my inner eye. Memories of roads in Cairns, lined with saturated green rainforest, the air so thick that it settled as sticky moist film on the skin. Or Germany’s oak-tree lined roads coloured in the entire spectrum from yellowy-orange to red, in crisp autumn morning air. Rough cheese-grater roads through ochre coloured rocky ground overgrown with scrubby shrubs between single teak-greyish gum trees, cicadas and bell birds filling the dry air with deafening noise in the Brisbane hinterlands. Curiously and strangely, it’s not always the prettiest roads that I remember best. But it’s often the uphill roads that I wish to ride again one day.

And then, a few days ago I received an email through one of Alberto’s relatives in Brazil. We all have received this type of emails, lots of incredible, unbelievable photos of places, nature, animals… and deleted them but this one took my breath away and I saved the images. They were photos of roads.

Of course there were the countless switchbacks of the Stelvio I recognised immediately and will undoubtedly ride before the year is out, but there were also roads so incredible that I immediately added them to my bucket list of roads I now dream about riding one day, like for example this ancient tunnel road in China.

Since you are reading this blog, chances are you also share this yearning for riding along new roads. What roads do you dream about riding one day? How do they look, the roads you ride in your day dreams and where are they? Europe? Asia? South America? Or is it the road you just rode along this morning? Do you even have the world’s most incredible roads right at your door step?

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3 Responses to Most incredible roads in the world

  1. kate says:

    surely that second one from the bottom is the wrong way round! those switchbacks make my head spin, in the best sense. for me, i'd love to ride a proper alpine climb on the road, then descend on twisty singletrack. hmmm, what bike 😉 i hope you're going to keep blogging when you can 🙂

  2. …never ridden anything quite like those pictured & were i to choose one, the classic stelvio would be my choice…but……that being said, while 'the grass is always greener' in a sense, i can honestly say we've got some seriously bad ass yet fun roads to ride up & over mt tamalpais……& that's just here right in my own immediate backyard……the rest of california is a big & varied environment…

  3. Groover says:

    Kate – Those switch backs in Brasil will make you dizzy regardless which angle the photo is taken. 🙂 I promise I'll keep blogging while on this trip as often as I find free WiFi. bgw – Me neither, except Mt Hotham maybe. The Victorian Alps here in Oz would be the closest for sure. But that's all going to change soon and I will add a few European climbs to my favourites list. I've seen and ridden a bit of your beautiful California, too, and have to agree with you that there are lots of little hidden gems to be discovered.

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