It’s all about the experience

No more sleeps and we are off to Europe. It feels very surreal. Still! One would think reality has hit by now but I will only truly believe we are doing this, once the motorhome is karudelling down the Autobahn towards Flanders and Roubaix.

Over the past two weeks the house contracted. The contents of the in-build wardrobes of the furthest bedroom emptied onto the bed of the spare bedroom, then the shelves, tall boy and bed also disappeared. Homeless bike bits lay strewn all over the floors, making early morning ride preparation double hard. Where were the gloves, lights, Garmin, my pump? The Fixie went into storage eventually. After a last ride on Friday morning it was hard to say good-bye for seven months.

More things spilled into kitchen and open plan living areas and then disappeared into storage, box by box. The bathroom got emptied and cleaned, the linen cabinet, the laundry and then we were sitting on the last few boxes in one corner near the front door.

Funnily, as things got cleaned up here in Oz, boxes turned up at my parent’s doorstep in Germany, creating havoc in their little apartment, too. Two bikes have been delivered last week and various parcels from with warm winter riding gear and spare tubes and tires and cassettes arrived only days ago. The nightly Skype video calls to Germany felt like calls to Santa Claus.

I was hoping to surprise you with a last race report last weekend, a team’s race of all, but unfortunately Saturday’s Lakeside race was cancelled due to rain, much to the relieve of AMR who didn’t like the idea or the possibility of me crashing so close before our trip.

Monday morning – usually a rest day for most – a few of my friends humoured me with one last ride up Gap Creek Road and coffee in town. A belated farewell ride, after many of last week’s farewell rides rained out, and for those brief two hours I forgot about the boxes that still needed packing and the walls that still needed washing and just enjoyed the experience. The hard work of packing and getting ready on time is just part of it.

The next ride will be on Friday. The weather forecast is promising, 12C Celsius and sunshine and I can’t wait to show Alberto all the places I discovered last October.

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6 Responses to It’s all about the experience

  1. ETrust says:

    Sandra, have a great trip and adventure. I just got back from Bright today, and some of the local riders there said to say hello to you and Alberto and to wish you a great time.Paul Willett

  2. …so the great adventure begins……i hope you two have a wonderfully delightful time viewing the best competition in the world over the hardscrabble classic courses & then on to those famous climbs with their spectacular views & may it all be with nary a flat between you……enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !!!…

  3. Dee says:

    I am so excited to follow your journey, I know it is a pain, but get a post up whenever you can, even if it is just a picture of cake! Happy and safe travels, we wish you an incredible journey.

  4. Sadly Santa wouldn't pay for all the stuff :-)Enjoy!!!

  5. Groover says:

    Paul – Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Bright, hey!? Did you climb Buffalo and Hotham? bgw – We will! This is all so exciting! And as for the flats, AMR packed eight spare tubes…Dee – Check AMR's blog for the first picture of the cake. My waistline is already in grave danger of exploding… we will try and get blog posts up regularly. Anke – I thought Santa has a big Werkstatt where elves make all this stuff… LOL

  6. AMR says:

    I love the photo with P, Adam and Dammo. It tells so much of a farewell ride with friends…

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