Chapter One: Germany

Qantas did great, carrying us off to a good start into our European adventure. When the announcement over the PA requested Alberto and me to report to the service desk in Singapore, I immediately thought it had something to do with the missing Vegetarian meal. On the Brisbane – Singapore leg of our journey, the crew had bend over backwards to make sure I was well fed, finding a spare Indian chickpea dish and radioing ahead to ensure Vegetarian fare on the connecting flights.

But the announcement referred to a change in itinerary, flying to Berlin via Frankfurt rather than London/Heathrow, which also included a free upgrade to Premium on the longest leg of our journey, the over 13 hour Singapore-Frankfurt flight, and an earlier arrival time in Tegel. Sweet.

Grey drizzle and temperatures just above zero greeted us. That’s Berlin in March how I know it. The forecast for the following days promised blue sky and sunshine and we weren’t disappointed.

The new Canyons were build up in no time, despite jet lag. I have been a bit quiet on that in the past few weeks and I promise I will write more about it in upcoming posts. For now only so much: I decided to order the Aeroad, finally. It was the bike I wanted all along but I had doubts that it was the right bike for the Alps and Dolormites and Pyrenees. Loving the ride is an understatement and when I pushed the pace and hit 47km/h without even trying, I knew why they call this The Breakaway Bike.

On our first exploratory ride we stopped at a local bike shop in Lauta because Alberto needed some adjustments on his set up. The short stop turned into an hour’s conversation with Mario, the mechanic. He made us cappuccinos, too, and when he offered to take us on a little ride on his day off, we happily and excitedly accepted.

Yesterday I spotted the first signs of spring. Sweet little messengers Krokus and Schneeglöckchen are the first to stick their heads out, telling of spring in the air.

It’s Sunday and it’s going on 10:30am right now and we have to get ready to meet Mario for the “little” 100km ride to the Spreewald. When he called yesterday, he reminded me that cyclists in Germany are not as crazy as Aussies. They don’t start their rides vorm Aufstehen (lit: before getting up). The sun is out, the air seems balmy and I’m just glad that it was winter here and our guide today hasn’t been on his road bike since September. I may have a chance to keep up…

Bis bald!

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8 Responses to Chapter One: Germany

  1. Colin says:

    I have seriously mixed emotions. On one hand I just cannot wait for the next update and on the other I am just so jealous. I think there is a book in this, or at least a travel guide. As for the "Break Away Bile"' there is no such thing. There are only break away legs. Colin

  2. fantastisch! Haben sie eine grosse zeit (my German is very rusty).

  3. kate says:

    sounds like the perfect start to your trip! please keep us updated, especially once you get to the mountains 🙂

  4. Mike J says:

    I'm excited to hear all about your adventure. Have fun.

  5. Stuart says:

    Such an adventure!Looking forward to the next chapter!

  6. BoaB says:

    Die Australier sagen, wir hoffen Sie haben eine fantastische Zeit in Europa. Nehmen Sie viele Fotos.

  7. parrabuddy says:

    As you travel from Berlin to the Dolomites , do you pass nearby the Zillertal ? Should you do so and have time for a ride please let me know , perhaps we can arrange time to ride together . email on :

  8. Groover says:

    Colin – Thanks for your nice words but there is probably not enough drama in this for a book. 🙂 We might catch up in September, hey? Laurel – Vielen Dank! Ihr deutsch ist sehr gut! Kate – We will certainly do that. I'm already bored with the flat roads here and ready to hit some 'bergs'.Mike J – And we can't wait to hit the road… :)Stuart – The next chapter will be 'The Spring Classics' in Flanders.BoaB – Thanks and we will! Promise!Parabuddy – Thanks for stopping by and we should pass the Zillertal for sure, if not on our way to Italy then possibly in August. We plan to spend some time in the area of Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria in August after the Tour. We shall be in touch and look forward to meeting you.

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