My journey

I grew up in Germany but call Australia “home” for over twelve years now.

Growing up with bikes – my parents didn’t have a car until I was sixteen – I always loved riding from a very early age. I rode a bike before I could read or write.

Cycling became part of my life again here in Oz in 2003 and I got into competitive road racing shortly after.  For many years training and racing dominated my daily routine until illness slowed me down. It didn’t stop me from enjoying cycling through, and my partner and I started exploring other parts of the world by bike.

Our dream, for many years, had been to ride the famous climbs of the Alps and Pyrenees and 2012 we made this dream come true.

Madonna di Ghisallo, Italy

Madonna di Ghisallo, Italy

This blog chronicles our journeys and discoveries, mostly on but also off the bike. Some of these rides are on the list rides you must do before you die!

If you have any questions about the rides I have described, please contact me, leave a comment or email me.


One Response to My journey

  1. Manu Rives says:

    Nous avons consulté et bien aimé votre site. Nous vous avons mis en lien sur le notre ( car il semble que nous ayons la même perception de la pratique du vélo.
    Pourriez-vous à votre tour, faire figurer notre site dans vos liens “amis” ?
    En vous remerciant par avance, bonne route à vous et au plaisir de se rencontrer un de ces jours sur nos belles routes françaises.

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