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The trial run

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Saturday morning we set off to Saxon Switzerland. Of course we could have chosen a different destination for our trial run and left the Elbsandsteingebirge (Elbe Sandstone Mountains) till September but I wanted Alberto to see this part of East … Continue reading

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Piling on the kilos

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Alberto is no longer allowed to take photos of me from behind. He keeps assuring me that once we start travelling, it will all resolve but I can’t quite see this happening. How is Belgian beer and Pommes frites going … Continue reading

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Making new friends

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Alberto wanted to ride to Kamenz and climb Hutberg – again. Because there are actually a few more teeny weeny hills in the area, I suggested a ride to Ortrand and the Kmehlener Berge about 30km south-west of Senftenberg. Berg … Continue reading

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Lakes, cakes and a fortress from 800 A.D.

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My glutes and quads are sore. But not as sore as my nose. The dry, cold air is biting my sinuses. The landscape here is wintery bleak. Even from the warmth of the car, the pale grey sky with the … Continue reading

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Chapter One: Germany

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Qantas did great, carrying us off to a good start into our European adventure. When the announcement over the PA requested Alberto and me to report to the service desk in Singapore, I immediately thought it had something to do … Continue reading

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Bergs and cakes

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Don’t be fooled by my hometown’s name Senftenberg. No bergs anywhere near. Dad announced over breakfast that he had a surprise for me and after lunch we packed the bike and Mum and headed for Kamenz, a town about 40 … Continue reading

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Village hopping and gigantic coal mining equipment

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In grade eleven I spraint my ankle badly. I remember how upset I was because I couldn’t walk, run or practise karate for three long weeks. But riding my bike was relatively pain free. I had a silver road bike … Continue reading

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